What's Happening To You?

A traumatic experience hit you. Now, you feel going round and round. Up and down. Like a yo-yo. Physically, you feel totally exhausted. Emotionally, you're spinning. Mentally, you are unable to think clearly or make decisions. Spiritually, you are not sure anymore if there is a God.

Normally, the amount of energy one expends each day is equally balanced across the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual demands of life. But during a hurtful or critical stage of your trauma, your energy distribution becomes imbalanced. As much as 85% of your energy can be diverted to dealing with your emotional upheaval. That leaves you 5% mental, 5% physical, and 5% spiritual!

These are to be expected. You don't want it, but you have it. Here's good news - you are normal! Your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are natural. Now, you have an extraordinary opportunity to get better ... and enriched. Don't waste it.