When You Cannot Fall Asleep

Do you spend too many nights tossing and turning? Are you unable to fall asleep or cannot stay asleep?

Sleep disorders are common. An estimated 50% of adults experience it at least a few times each week. According to bestselling author, Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., expert on family and anti-aging medicine, there are about 80 or more types of sleep disorders.

Sleep deprivation or insomnia has many possible causes. Medical causes is one of them, such as the presence of chronic pain (e.g. arthritis, back pain), menopausal conditions, prostatic entrophy or enlarged prostate, asthma, heart disease, Alhzeimer's disease, respiratory disease, headaches, coughs, heartburns, and other painful medical conditions. In many cases, medications or drugs and unhealthy foods (e.g. too much caffeine) can be a cause of sleep disorders.

Not all of insomnia's causes are medical or physical. Psychological, emotional, and spiritual problems can be a major factor too. Individuals suffering with major depression, anxiety, losses, or abuse often have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. A most common cause of sleeplessness is stress and feelings of tension. If you're experiencing psychological and emotional problems or even "soul wounds," do not be alarmed. It's important to see a doctor, a minister, or anyone who can go to the root problem to be of help to you.

A sleep disorder can motivate you to better health. Choose to see it as a beginning point of your deliverance and recovery.