Man Against Himself

In my own clinical, personal, and life exposures, it's so common an occurence for people to work against themselves. Deeply wounded people often do not believe that there is hope for change and they have a right and freedom to be whole. Some even try to kill themselves instead of facing and healing their inner pains.

In "Man Against Himself," renowned psychiatrist and author Dr. Karl Menninger describes a number of people who experienced complete breakdowns after they reached success. Deep down, their inner voice tells them that they have no right to money, honor, or fun.

Dr. Menninger traces it to a "family system issue." A possibility is when one member of a dysfunctional, shaming family breaks out and creates a unique life of his own, that member may feel shame for being so different and successful from the rest of the family.

Remember, in dysfunctional families, no one is supposed to break the "rule" or pattern and leave his "role" in the family.