SDB, Any One?

One of the starting keys of a healing journey is to see your SDB. A thought, feeling, or action without which your life would be happier is an "SDB" (self-defeating behavior). Often, this causes problems/unhappiness/brokenness not only for you but also for others close to or around you. Here below is a list of just some possibilities.

* inferiority feelings
* lack of motivation
* compulsive eating
* depression
* feelings of hatred
* adultery/affairs
* inability to concentrate
* compulsive thoughts and feelings
* alcoholism
* compulsive lying
* compulsive sexual behavior
* feelings of meaninglessness
* stuttering
* boredom
* perfectionism
* withdrawal
* unrealistic distrust of others
* procrastination
* fear of commitment
* excessive attempts to please others
* insomnia
* quitting in the middle of difficult tasks
* fear of rejection
* unhappiness by yourself
* fear of being yourself
* unrealistic expectations of self and others
* unforgiving of self
* avoidance of responsibility
* inability to give yourself in a loving relationship
* excessive worry
* drug abuse
* fear of getting close to the opposite sex
* fear of failure
* homosexuality
* excessive guilt
* psychosomatic illness
* dependency
* temper
* negativism
* fear of expressing deep feelings
* inability to say "No"
* excessive daydreaming
* fear of death


Unknown said…
well i got my answer here. I guess I have a pretty good idea where you stand in my previous comment.