Flight As An Admission Of Guilt

As I'd been reading a local newspaper a few minutes ago, I found something familiar. A headline story reported that the half-sister of a popular senator/actor just fled the country. Said sister was identified by witnesses and charged by the police as a mastermind for the recent killing of her brother.

Growing emotional, the senator/actor who's facilitating the justice process, said the following words in a media interview: "If you're not guilty, why would you leave? As they say, flight is an admission of guilt. If the laws of man cannot punish her, God will definitely punish her."

Flight, escape from or avoidance of responsibility, is gross in character disorders especially in criminality. It involves deceit, cover-up, or lying, which, in the words of psychiatrist/author Dr. M. Scott Peck, "is an attempt to circumvent legitimate suffering and hence is productive of mental illness."