Psychopathology of Evil

Last week, I had a long conversation with a distraught couple at a favorite coffee shop. Things started to get hairy when the husband and wife related to me about unexplainable, "supernatural" appearances happening in their home. 

Just several days ago, the wife (along with a companion) said she clearly heard the loud voice and words of her husband from somewhere. Since they live in a multi-story condominium, she checked her husband's location. She looked for him in the building's lower floor where their office is as well as in other parts of their home unit. When she checked another room, there she found her husband soundly asleep. The husband said it was not his voice or words which her wife and her companion heard earlier.

The couple likewise narrated seeing a black cat for the first time appearing right there in their living room from nowhere. They felt afraid for they said they don't keep pets such as cats in the building. In addition, the wife confessed being bothered seeing bats multiple times on their glass windows. That too the couple could not understand for they never saw bats in the vicinity of their building. Later in our conversation, the couple also told me another bizarre experience - they themselves witnessed a tiny "sto. nino statue" spinning so fast by itself when placed in the hand of a relative.

The family-owned condominium building has a long history, where the home becomes a site of adultery, sexual indulgences, and broken families from generation to generation. The husband admits to having affairs and sex with multiple women for many years and at least one with a much younger woman (which his wife recently discovered) remains ongoing. At the moment, the betrayed wounded wife is in a dangerous condition, medically and psychologically, due to signs of suicide attempt and thoughts of murder.

Could psychopathology be related to the hidden work of the evil one? If you ask me, the answer is yes.