Therapy In More Than What The Here-And-Now Can Offer

Think about what a lot of people do when hurt or victimized. Revenge. Harm the other. Get bitter or resentful. Do something self-destructive. These offer some kind of immediate pleasure or relief. But sadly, the pleasure or relief is only temporary. To truly heal and become whole, there is a "rightness" (Matthew 5:6) that can be hungered which in time will prove to be more satisfying. Things like love and kindness. Sacrifice. Perseverance. Refusing to revenge. Forgiveness of those who are harming us. They do seem mindless to those who are living by the rules of this world. Yet by entrusting our whole well being to the hands of the One who authors life, we can experience genuine healing and wellness. That's true, best, lasting therapy ... more than what the here-and-now can provide.