Choose To Be Thankful

"There's nothing good in my life!"

That's a very common feeling when one is overwhelmed by life's problems or losses. In trying times, we focus much on what we don't have, we sort of forget what we do have.

Do you really have nothing to be thankful for?

This is not to say your depression or trauma is unreal. This is not to say that there are things happening in your life for which you're not happy about.

But so often, amid strong storms and rains, we miss seeing that it waters the dry soil.

This holiday season, how about taking a look around you and make a list of 20 things that you can be thankful for? Your children? Your health? Money to buy gifts? Job or business? The presence of friends? A special artistic talent? Ability to run long distances?

When you're most tempted to despair, pull out the list and say them aloud!