Christmas: God's Therapy (Part 2)

I noticed recently a New York Times interview with Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He's a multi-million dollar man who may had spent so many expensive Christmas parties, living in a mansion, with bundles of cash, a bunch of girls, bodyguards, cars, drugs/booze. Tyson declares, "I let too much in, and look what happened ... I live a boring life."

Christmas holidays can be boring amidst "too much in." Too much spending. Too much food. Too much gifts. Too much parties. Too much people around. Yet boring, without meaning. Let me bring you in to this truth: It's the way humans are made. In each of us is a basic human need, a longing, a "hole" inside the heart that needs to be filled. Until such filling happens, life, including Christmas holidays, will remain boring and meaningless.

As St. Augustine prays, "You have made us for Yourself and the heart never rests until it finds its rest in You."

Christmas and its real essence cures life's boredom and meaninglessness.