What To Do If Someone You Love Mentions Suicide

What do you do if a family member, a friend, or someone you love or care about mentions suicide?

Here are some things that you can do or give for purposes of "first aid:"

*  If he or she wants to talk about it, be available to listen.
*  Say that you care and want to help.
*  Don't criticize or offer intellectual arguments.
*  Avoid making light of, laughing at, or minimizing his or her pain.
*  You may say that normal people think about it when stressed.
*  Don't try to offer quick, easy solutions.
*  Don't challenge him or her to do it.
*  Say you care or love the person, that you'll miss him or her.
*  Encourage the person and don't label him or her a mental or nut case.
*  Let the person talk as long as necessary and help him or her let the horrible feelings out.
*  You may gently ask information regarding his or her suicide plans (method, date etc.) that you can later give to health worker/doctor/therapist/counselor.
*  Calm the person down, keep your voice low, and nod like you see how bad the situation is.