When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength

I'm always bothered by our natural human tendency to wallow in our trauma or failure. People keep themselves in bondage to their past with reminders, flashbacks, memories ... I think of "grace." It feels this way - to be loved for no good reason!  There is Someone who loves you and I like that.  Hard to believe? That's fair. It is hard to believe. That's why we need to jog and renew our mind, listen to the promise ... With this grace, I get to think of how your area of weakness can become your area of strength. Where you are weak and learned grace will become a place where you can reach out and touch the lives of others.  Sounds impossible at this point?  That's okey. But the truth remains. Healing does not happen through a man or woman who "knows it all." It happens through the man or woman who truly understands pain and grace.