Why do we persist in using misinformation in our thoughts and feelings?

Why do we keep doing things that haven't been working for us? Why do we continue persisting in using false or distorted information in our thoughts and feelings?

To understand why, you need to know about a computer called the MIND.

The MIND can only access thoughts, feelings etc that have been put or programmed into it. It cannot use what it doesn't know. If you are given misinformation or falsehood, that's all your MIND will have access to.

Also, the data stored in your MIND is kept with "attachments" of importance. That means the more important the source of the information (e.g. Dad, Mom) is, the more tenaciously you'll accept it to be legitimate or good for you.

This provides a picture of the nature of psychopathology or emotional illness. Pieces of misinformation have contaminated the MIND. When misinformation is all the MIND knows or has access to, you think it's valid. And so, you continue to use them as if they will work to make you get well.