It Takes Three To Tango

Last week, a woman was sobbing. She related how she felt so hurt by her fiancee's betrayal. She could not stand the thought of losing him and she's going crazy. She felt that she has to have him in order to be happy. She lose him, she loses her self.  Her view of intimacy is all based on her feelings and neediness.

Isn't this one of the greatest tendencies of our humanity? Can you really depend on someone else to know exactly what you're going through?  The truth is, if we are honest about ourselves, we're all basically alone. No fellow human being can know eactly what you're going through - your feelings, hurts or pains, dreams. Only One can do that. Thus, true happiness is found in a relationship with the One who can truly know everything about you and meet all your needs.

I was reading a part of a seminar announcement flashed on screen during a meeting:  "It takes three to tango!"  Yes, you need a third party in human love relationship! If that thought has come to your mind, consider becoming a better lover when you love first the One who will make you right for the other and empower you to love authentically and abundantly - not just the other, but also your self.

You'll never go crazy when there is three in the tango!