No One Can Paddle His Own Canoe

This one I tried. A lot others too. Seeing the world only through one's own eyes. Isolation. Acting self-sufficient. Such is a killer.

C.S. Lewis is right: "No one can paddle his own canoe." Friendships. We all need that. Real friends remind us that the world is bigger than our problems, hurts, or worries. It means letting others know us as we are - even in our pain and confusion. It means taking risks allowing another to be a friend even though we're afraid to let anyone close.

Sadly, for many of us, our biological families are unable to support us in our pain. Ideally, we can find true friends from the church. But there are many horror stories there too! A writer once remarked that the church is the only organization that "shoots its own wounded." We get disappointed and disillusioned.

But let's not give up hope. Possibly we can contribute in reversing the trend. A road to this is giving even a little of ourselves away.