The Pursuit Of An Illusion

Illusion. It's powerful. I used to think that only alcohol or drugs can be addicting. I've always witnessed that other things can be just as enslaving. Food. Money. Sex. Gambling. Smoking. Work. Rage. People. Destructive relationships. Power. Fame. Lots, just new labels on an old predicament. For the addict, the pursuit of an object of addiction is the pursuit of an illusion. It's a never-ending quest to "manufacture" a pleasure that will last forever. But it never does. It's like a pail or bucket riddled with holes.  The satisfaction is gone by the time you dip into it. The focus of the addict is a "depersonalized embodiment of a fantasy." Unreality, just "magic," so it never delivers what is longed for ... until the addict hits bottom again, crushed by impossible expectations. Hopefully, it commences the way to psychological and spiritual healing.