True Miracle Worker

Tears filled his eyes. As I looked across him, I knew he was on the edge of a complete meltdown. As I listened to his sad story of over 20 years of marriage about to dissolve because of his wife's infidelity, I found myself groping for words to say.

I counsel, I write, I teach and conduct seminars. I can feel or relate to most of what men and women go through in their pain. Yet it's always not easy to find words to say to make the tears cease and a smile surface. Words usually fail to stop the flood of emotions and thoughts. People appear to need more than words.

Outside of professional psychotherapy or counseling I do, I end up resorting to a special prayer for the person. I pray that God will send a "miracle worker" into the life of the wounded person to walk with him/her each day. Right. I ask Him to send a "miracle worker" to stand with him/her as he/she attempts to navigate the way through the rapids of trauma or pain.

I believe God does bring people to us when we feel overwhelmed by hurt and pain. I call them His true "miracle workers." At times, they come or are sent through strange circumstances when we least expect them.  God always knows and provides what we need at every stage of our life.  The Bible tells us that whenever God wants to get something done, He calls special people to do it.  He sees that we need people more than words.

Are your eyes open for your recovery "miracle worker?"