Can You Cure An Inner Wound With An Outer Solution?

I know of a man who was raised in deep poverty. He hardly had enough when he was growing up. Because of lack of money, he never finished school. Such forced him to work at a very early age. Going into business, he became a millionaire in his 30s. Needing more money to spend to build his self-esteem and look good to others, he went illegal in his dealings.  And, as a result of his overspending, he accumulated tremendous debts that he cannot pay anymore.

The issues of an inner wound produce mental and emotional paralysis that could last a lifetime. That is, until they are recognized and handled properly. An inner wound over a deprivation or lack of something (such as needing money, sex, relationships, possessions, fame, and other "outer props" to build self esteem or receive love from others) will not be solved by "getting more" of it. Although having more cash flow can solve an outer problem, having one million dollars in the bank won't heal an inner wound about money. Some thirst inside is unquenchable, wanting three million dollars instead.

The worst part about inner wounds is that they are self-inflicted. The person with an unprocessed inner wound is doing damage to himself, all by himself, within his inner being. Until he consciously performs the needed work to completely pull himself out, he will remain "stuck." The misery shall go on. This despite the best intentions and help of family, friends, and even professional intervention.

Trying to heal any type of inner wound with an outer solution will simply bring the same unsuccessful results. The good news is that you can heal from your inner wounds by following the secrets of true, lasting inner healing. The solution is not "out there."