Healing Effects of Barley

Would you like to cure disease in a natural way? Anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-colon-cancer, and anti-hypertension - these are some of the therapeutic benefits of a natural food called barley.

Medical and scientific research proves barley to be a "miracle superfood." A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine and Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that eating barley helps prevent a multiplicity of physical diseases. Clinically, barley is shown to prevent or even cure all kinds of cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer, keep blood sugar levels from rising too high in people with diabetes, maintain intestinal health, and foster overall well being.

Barley has a long history (possibly more ancient than rice). It's referenced in the Bible close to 40 times, considered a staple, nutritious food in Bible times, and mentioned in Jesus' miracle feeding of the 5,000, among others. In Islam, the prophet Muhammad prescribed barley for many diseases. In traditional Chinese medicine, barely is considered a detoxifier, and used to treat constipation, tumors, jaundice, and indigestion.

Barley, what an amazing miracle superfood in nature! Take it if you want to live longer.

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