Making Friends With Life's Inevitables

I've learned that some things in life are a "stretch" to me. If clouds come by, it's going to rain. If a tree is cut down, it will fall. Inevitabilities. Yet I've realized I had this tendency to wrap myself around these inevitables, the obvious. As a result, I missed pressing on. If I just obsess and look and not sow, I won't reap. But when I adapt willingly, when I make plans to accomplish something, I break out of an unhealthy cycle. All of us are in a far better place if we choose to accept life's inevitabilities, since they happen whether we accept them or not! Making friends with life's inevitables can revolutionize our being. Not only assisting us in processing our present or past wounds. But, also empowering and giving us tools for all kinds of life issues.