No more excuses, one step at a time!

I want you to look at the two photographs here. They say a lot, don't they?

"Excuses" is one of the better words to describe how the stuck view themselves and the rest of life. It demonstrates the trap that develops when one tries to postpone pain and run away from reality. Emphasis is shifted from self growth and moving forward to blaming people or circumstances.

Sadly, we're all prone to making excuses. That's right -- all of us -- and no exceptions. It doesn't matter where we look, all of us at least at one time or another, use all sorts of excuses to avoid facing ourselves and pressing on.

If we continue to make excuses ("I'm too poor ... disabled ... traumatized....hurt by divorce ... limited by time ... physically ill etc.), we go nowhere. We do little that nourishes life. And we view life from a narrow perspective.

The good news is, we can all start over.

It's amazing how many wounded, stuck people get well and achieve something worthwhile after taking the needed steps to let go of excuses.