How's Your Immune System?

I don't want to scare you. But it's scientifically true. When you shake hands with someone, the hand that touched yours can be full of germs. Millions of germs, every inch of that hand. Now, here's my puzzle:  how come you don't get ill or even die as a result of this mega-exposure to germs?  Let me say something that can sound shocking to you. Germs don't make us sick! They are everywhere. So you ask, if germs don't get us sick or die, what does then?  A poor, weak immune system. I'm sharing this to you because it's true not just in the physical sense. In mental health, we get sick when we have a poor or weak psychological, emotional, and spiritual immune system. A strong psychological, emotional, and spiritual immune system protects us from severe depression, addiction, relational dysfunction, and a host of other mental health problems. To make your immune system strong, you need proper and sustained nourishment.