A Shocking Truth

Several days ago, I got hold of a copy of Dr. Ray Strand's book "Death By Prescription" in a local bookstore. The author lays down a shocking truth. He starts by saying that we are an overmedicated people. Citing statistics, Dr. Strand describes the use of prescription medication as the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

I'm reminded of a friend who went to a hospital to see a specialist physician. He narrated that, after some time of diagnosis, he was given a type of drug to cure his "complaint." Instead of going straight to the drugstore to buy the prescription, my friend went to "Google" to know more about the drug prescribed. To his dismay, he discovered that he was given prescription medicine for epilepsy! He didn't have epilepsy, so he's glad that he researched first.

Whether we realize it or not, we can be victims of "death by prescription." We may be unknowing guinea pigs in determining the safety of the world's most dangerous prescriptive drugs. What our doctors don't know can kill us!