Tantalus, Who?

This morning, I came across the story of king Tantalus in Greek mythology. He offended the gods. As a result, he was punished in the underworld by being placed in a lake of water up to his chin. When he tried to satisfy his thirst, water disappeared. Over his head were branches with good fruits. But when he tried to satisfy his hunger, the branches and fruits eluded his grasping hands.

Today, king Tantalus' name is remembered in the English word "tantalize." Interestingly, Tantalus became a symbol of utter or great frustration. In life "under the sun," isn't it that many things are tantalizing but in the end they don't satisfy? You remain thirsty and hungry, locked in an endless cycle of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Are you feeling frustrated and worn out?  Confused about a sense of futility trying to live and enjoy life?

I have Good News for you! There is a solution. You can find lasting satisfaction, happiness, and peace. But you have to learn to stop looking in the wrong places.