Healing from Adultery

Last night, I was speaking for hours with an incredible and blessed man - Rene. After over 20 years of living with another man's wife, he's going back to his own wife and family. Fortunately, his wife and children have chosen to welcome and help him to get back home.

I learned very valuable things from Rene and his life's episode.

One, adultery is a form of addiction that needs recovery. I used to think that only drugs or alcohol are addicting. Now I know that other things can be just as enslaving.  One can be as hooked on an unhealthy relationship as an addict is hooked on cocaine.

Second, I learned how sickening adultery is and how it distorts perception of reality. Rene felt ok to be with another man's wife. He rationalized then that her marriage was in trouble anyway. Besides, he felt he "needed" her.

And third, most important, I learned that no matter how grievous the sin, God is faithful to forgive and heal when you turn to Him. It happened to Rene. In the incredible mercy of God, he starts to recover from the mess or victimization he created.

I don't know how many Renes are out there. It's possibly so few given our times or circumstances. And the consequences and costs can be so high.

I also cannot say what led Rene to accept and act on God's healing grace, after turning his back on it for so long.  However, it's happening and I'm witnessing it. Rene finally has courage enough to heal from adultery and get on with his recovery and wholeness.

Indeed, it's with miracles like this in mind that I do what I do today.