Are you "other-ated?"

I came across an interesting term - "otheration" - coined by Spanish philosopher, Ortega Gasset. "Otheration" looks to the outside for complete happiness and survival, since the inside is unstable or flawed.

Man is the only being who can live from inside. To be authentically human is to nourish an inner self, a healthy life from within. Animals don't have that capacity. They're in constant hyper-vigilance, dependent on outside for survival and protection from danger.

From my own personal and clinical exposures, I can affirm how "dehumanizing" it is when we no longer have an inner life to survive and overcome life's stresses. "Otheration" is a description of dehumanization. It depends on performance and doing rather than on being. By being aware of the dynamics of dehumanization of "otheration," by naming it, we start gaining power over it.

"The kingdom of heaven is within you," states the Scripture.  It's a major healing key.