Fear of Man

The world is full of individuals who are afraid of the opinion and behavior of others. They act as if their whole or basic being rests solely in the hands of people.

An employee hesitates to take a stand before his boss. A wife cringes in fear at the approach of her husband. A mother suffers panic attacks when bullied by her teenage son. An adult child neglects to set limits on his parents' abuse. Real life examples are countless.

If you fear man, you own an illness. You need healing and rehabilitation. Yes, it's a reality that people can do us great harm. But they don't have the last word.

Scriptures says that fearing the reproach or threats of people is foolish (Isaiah 51, James 4). It is because people are dying creatures who, like grass or flower, are here today and gone tomorrow.

Only God has the last word.  Only He holds our future and everlasting well being.

Faith is a bringer of therapy and healing that breaks the stronghold of fear of man.