Pictures of Childhood

This morning, I came across Alice Miller's "Pictures of Childhood." She writes:

"Probably I, too, would have remained trapped by this compulsion to protect the parents ... had I not come in contact with the Child Within Me, who appeared late in my life, wanting to tell me her secret ... now I was standing at an open door ... filled with an adult's fear of the darkness ... But I could not close the door and leave the child alone until my death ... I made a decision that was to change my life profoundly ... to put my trust in this nearly autistic being who had survived the isolation of decades."

I don't know about you. But, as I saw myself reflected in that piece, I felt good. I reconnected with myself.

Many times, healing emotionally and psychologically means going over our "pictures of childhood." And since we carry much of our inner wounds as a result of those images or pictures, processing and resolving them is a powerful way towards recovery and wholeness.