Safe People, Sharing Your Feelings

Taking time with your feelings is essential to your healing and wholeness. 

Is it safe to share feelings with everyone? The answer is no. You only share your feelings with safe and supportive people.

If you are hurting or traumatized, you get into trouble by telling others, indiscriminately, about your feelings. You share feelings only with "selected people." Otherwise, you expose yourself to unnecessary pain (e.g. betrayal, rejection) for lack of appropriate care.

By "selected people," I mean "safe" people.  Clues for "safe" people are those who consistently listen;  don't judge, give advice, or invalidate your feelings;  don't rush in and try to change your feelings;  will not betray or reject you.

Safe places to share your feelings include a recovery life group, a trusted friend or loved one, with a therapist or counselor, a sponsor, among others.