What It Takes To Be A Survivor

Dr. Edith Eger, psychologist, survivor of Auschwitz, and international lecturer on the Holocaust, once said, "The skills that concentration camp survivors used to sustain themselves apply to a broad range of psychological problems ... It's not the cancer, the divorce; it's how I go about dealing with it."

I'm a psychotherapist "on mission." My purpose is to come alongside hurting people to survive difficult situations, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. What Dr. Eger described was an extreme circumstance of the Holocaust that many would see as too devastating to recover from. Yet these men and women did survive, just as my counselees who've seen me have.

Much of what I've learned in my own life and from those I work with revolve around the power to choose. Human freedom is real. We all have this - the power to choose how we think, feel, and act - to determine the course of our fate.