Which one for you? Three choices.

When you seek help and go through a process of emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing, it's important to look at the future.

How will your experience of hurt, trauma, or brokenness affect the rest of your life?

Remember that it is your CHOICE how your experience will impact the life you live at present and in the future.

Three choices.

# 1 YOUR LIFE CAN TURN FOR THE WORSE : You allow the wounds/addictions/bad habits to continue to intensify, control, immobilize, and damage you - leaving you crippled emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and even physiologically.

# 2 YOUR LIFE CAN REMAIN THE SAME : You are not severely damaged, but you choose not to truly learn and grow through your experiences.

 # 3 YOUR LIFE CAN HEAL AND CHANGE FOR THE BETTER : You choose to process your unprocessed pain/past, learn from mistakes, let go, and grow through what you have gone through towards a better, healthier you.

Which one will you choose?