Infidelity and Fantasy Fallacy

Why would a married man or woman commit infidelity?

I like what I heard this morning on the radio talking about the "fantasy fallacy." According to a guest who authored a book, she says that fantasy is a "series of thoughts that seek to heal a psychological wound." Fantasy, according to her, is the brain's way of trying to heal itself.

Sadly, we all have a fallen mind. A lot of our fantasies are mental adultery. They accumulate that often lead to corruption in our souls and relationships. Affairs are more likely to happen when personal fantasy problems (e.g. fantasy factory: pornography, sexual addiction) and basic deficits in self-esteem or intimacy are not resolved.

I think the non-reality-based world of "fantasy fallacy" is one reason why the married commit infidelity. It is often a hidden disorder some individuals repeatedly find themselves in, making themselves more at risk for affairs. When you live in a fantasy, you don't get to have a real relationship. It brings cancerous outgrowths to your soul, mind, and emotions.