The Faking Lawyer

A new attorney set up shop in a new office condominium. He had a chair, a desk, a filing cabinet, a couple of chairs, and a telephone for his brand new law practice. All that's missing was clients - paying clients.

As he ruminated sitting on his desk, he heard footsteps. All he could think of was, "My first client!" He quickly picked up the phone and acted as if he's talking to a client on the other end of the line. He fabricated a conversation.

Finally, the person he heard coming leaned on the door and asked to come in. The lawyer continued his phone conversation, "Yes, I can help you. I've handled many cases like that. Could you hold just a moment?"

The lawyer put his hand in the phone mouthpiece and said to the man in the doorway, "Can I help you with anything?" "Yes," the man said, "I'm from the telephone company. I've come to hook up your phone!"

Our lawyer friend was faking it. The reality is, that's true with what many of us do in life. In order to heal the broken parts of our self, we need to learn what it means to be honest with our selves. That involves growing our self up all over again.