Are you "tired and sick" of your pain or suffering? That could be your entry point or trigger to recovery. 

Awakening is a beginning. By that, I mean having a first glimpse that "things" or "reality" are not what you thought. Anything that shakes up your old understanding or belief system of circumstances and events is an opportunity to discover your true self.

At that point, you may feel sadness, agitation, confusion, fear, anger, excitement, among others. These mean you are beginning to feel again. You are beginning to get in touch again with your Inner Self, the real one.

Some give up because of the painful emotions involved - will go no further. They find it easier and more "comfortable" to retreat back into their false self or co-dependent self because those feelings are frightening.

It is during these important times that it's helpful to find a sponsor, a therapist or counselor to help work up the feelings and underlying issues. Ongoing awakening and support prevents relapse.