Don't miss your "natural healer within."

Many years ago, I used to gulp in cold tablets - even daily. I was trying to medicate my physical discomfort. But then I noticed that I would still have colds despite the regular cold tablet intake. When I stopped and just drank lots of water, the cold disappeared! I'm amazed by this so-called "immune system" within each and every one of us. It's a divinely designed system. But I realized it's not something that is emphasized by medical doctors and hospitals. What's always emphasized is what drug to give for whatever disease, including mental disorders! Prescription pads filled with drugs is how MDs are trained. Unfortunately, 99% of the time, drugs merely suppress symptoms. They never cure the cause of the disease - which can be emotional, spiritual, or nutritional in nature. So next time, don't just pop a pill or go through surgery. Look first at your entire life, your "natural healer within" - body, soul, mind, spirit - for real recovery and wholeness.