Life, Just Like That

Last night, I was aghast watching on TV news the gruesome murder of a pretty 20-year-old commercial model. Evidence showed it was perpetrated by her close friend's fiancee. After being raped first, she was gunned down, and her body thrown into a side street. Her life, just like that. I'm reminded of Sophie Scholl who was about to be executed by Adolf Hitler during World War II. Before being thrown into the Nazi gas chamber to die along with millions of Jews, she said these words: "Don't we realize that, no matter when we live, God can call us at a moment's notice. How do I know if I'll even be alive tomorrow?" Life, just like that. As St. James pointed out, "What is your life? It is a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away." How then should we live when life is just like that?