Move Beyond The Mountain

In my past travels to South Korea, I never missed climbing a mountain. Perhaps because I was in foreign soil, I'd have an eerie feeling at some point when I climb over their mountain. I'd wonder what would happen to me if I slip or break down in the middle of a climb or if I get stuck there when it rains. I pressed a little harder when those feelings came.

All of us have choices when we confront the "emotional mountains" in our lives. We can climb over them. Travel around them. Or, go through them. Whatever we choose, there is always hard work involved. It takes time and energy. The ultimate aim is the same: move beyond the mountain.

What mountains are you facing right now? Emotional, relational, financial, familial, spiritual? Whatever it is, your greatest danger is to allow that mountain to block your personal growth permanently and immobilize you in your healing and wholeness.

All mountains are conquered slowly. You conquer by continuing. You don't quit. And even if your best efforts fail or delay you, you need to see the possibility of turning the mountain into a gold mine.