Small Steps, Big Goals

Goals are reached in small steps. We can't reach goals without diligence taking those necessary, steady steps. When I wrote my book, I did not write it in one day. I wrote it in a series of small steps. And all of those steps were choices. I chose to write one chapter or section instead of going to the mall or sleeping. I refused to take on additional workload to get me closer to my goal. My small steps, my small choices, make my big goal of finishing the book a reality. As Mother says, "Save your centavos." These centavos become P5, P20, P50 etc. eventually. To save a centavo or little coin is a small choice. To be able to buy an Iphone afterwards, that's a big deal! A key principle is "diligence." It means being determined, committed, disciplined. Incisive. Eager. Thorough. Industrious. Decisive. Careful. Continuously attuned. When it comes to healing or recovery, it's the same principle. Small steps, big goals. It is the path of diligence.