Healthy Choices

I saw doctors a few months ago for checkup. I went through diagnostic tests with them and I was braced to have them tell me something was wrong with my physical wellness. Eventually, the doctors pronounced me a fairly healthy man.

Still, I was concerned about my gastrointestinal behavior. I felt baffled since the doctors and the tests could not give a satisfactory explanation about my "symptoms." I was negatively suggestible. And I was trying to blame the doctors and make my gastro their problem. In the meantime, the "signs" in my body continued on.

Now since my gastro was really my problem, I had no choice but to take responsibility for my life. I immediately bought a new juicer blender and began to add more fiber, vegetables, and fruits into my diet. I also increased my exercise regimen. Lo and behold, my "symptoms" disappeared and I felt fine and healthier than ever!

Healthy choices. When we've had enough, we can choose to take responsibility.

If I feel sick of what other people do to me, I can change that. I can't choose what my spouse, friend, or parent feel about or do to me, but I can choose to spend less time with them and develop myself so that I might love them more. I can't choose what my boss does to me, but I can choose to work smarter or get a better job. I can make healthy choices and take action to become the person I'm meant to be.