My Birthday and Tolstoy's Take

Wow, it's my birthday today. I'm getting younger. This morning, I read up on life's stress and took massive doses of fruit juice, supplements and vitamin C. Sometime, I learned that laughter is therapeutic. So I decided to continue programming laugh time for my self today and the rest of my life.

Now this guy, celebrity writer Leo Tolstoy, says in his Anna Karenina, "Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. But every happy family looks alike." He agrees with my laugh time! My study of 1000 depressions does not necessarily prepare me for the next one. Each sickness is unique. But it's Tolstoy's view that people who are happy have something in common with those who are also happy. The signs of health and wellness seem to be universal.

It's hard to believe. The more I laugh, the more I feel much better ...  look younger and more handsome! My daughters will wink on that.