The Connecticut Tragedy

My heart is broken. I just can't not talk about it, share some thoughts. My eyes well up with tears as I write this. It's just not expected. Very traumatic.

In Connecticut, last week, about 20 children from an elementary school was massacred by a 20-year-old Adam who also killed his mother and himself.

You know, I have a daughter - Angel - who is still in the elementary school. I've held her closer and tighter than before after knowing of this news. I began to think of important things I need to say to her while she's still young. And I'm grateful that I still have the opportunity to do so.

How do we take this tragedy in Connecticut?  First of all we can only weep, grieve, and sympathize with those parents who lost their kids - literally just hold them. Then, for us who are parents, we search our selves. How do we affect our children? Perhaps we need help ourselves, to take enough care of our side of the street. By doing so, we make sure we're able to touch, to spend time, and to listen to our children. We show care to them and what they may be going through in their lives.

I also say that this shocking event proves that there is a deep need in our society for safe places where hurting people can find healing.  It's a trauma like no other when children are emotionally or physically injured in their homes and there's no one around to make sense of it. In the face of life's pain or anger, tragedies like one in Connecticut can be avoided and prevented if the seeds of safe places and safe people are planted enough around us.