Depression Can Be Healthy!

Depression can be good. As noted psychiatrist and bestselling author, Dr. M.Scott Peck describes it, the "healthiness of depression" can benefit your well being.

So you ask, what is healthy about being depressed?  Is it healthy to be crying all the time and wallowing in self-pity? Are profound feelings of lethargy, hopelessness, disconnectedness, sadness, headaches, low energy, sleeplessness, even thoughts of suicide healthy?

Of course, you have ample reason to experience being depressed as you suffer loss, damage, or trauma. But remember too that your depression is not only necessary - it can be productive in your forward movement toward healing. Those "symptoms" of depression are a way to prepare your body and mind to do something significant ... and better in your life.

Are you depressed about being depressed? You don't have to. Embrace your depression as a basic stage and first step towards your healing process and personal growth.