Healing Your Grief Naturally

Grief heals naturally when there is support. If there is none, injury can turn into trauma. The consequences and costs are greater in the long run.

I knew a well-respected doctor, a veteran medic during WWII. After the war, he got married and had children. As this soldier-doctor came back from the war, he experienced nightmares and sleeping disorders. He was easily startled and had thoughts of unreality and panic. He also became an alcoholic and eventually divorced his wife.

Jane Moz has said, "One of the things we know about grief resolution is that grief is one of the only problems in the world that will heal itself with support."  Without support, grief is delayed because there's nobody to validate, support, and make sense of what happened. Delayed, unresolved grief is the core of what therapists call PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

You cannot grieve alone. Get help to heal your grief naturally.