I Want It Now!

"I want it now!"

Waiting is not easy. Many people feel a desperate need for quick relief from trauma or painful crisis. They get discouraged, frustrated, or ready to withdraw when they can't speed things up. They demand shortcuts, quick fixes.

Result? Repetition of the same problems over and over again, getting nowhere.

I live near a large mall. Whenever I pass by a lottery stand inside, I see lines of people whose financial dreams are built on winning the lottery. They think of immediate payoff and result. In contrast, I'm reminded of a cousin who spent years of training, experience, learning, and executing a plan for his business. He is now a millionaire.

The way I see it, something about time is "underground." Even when it seems nothing is happening on our behalf during the waiting, something is happening! Growth occurs behind the scenes when we plant the right seeds and patiently wait. Things then do tend to get better at some point as we persevere.

In personal recovery and healing in relationships, tolerating the pace of time is a big part of healing. It can't be rushed or forced. Things that are significant and long-lasting require more time to produce good. Time allows our relationships to be exposed to healing elements until they're fully healed and we could move on.