Knowing Is Not Enough

Most professional therapists are able to know the cause of psychological and emotional problems. But knowing is never enough.

I spent a big chunk of my adult life seeking an end to my inner turmoil. I went into a hospital-based psychiatrist myself for analysis and studied clinical psychology. I went into group therapy in Ateneo and began experimenting to find a "cure" for myself and others. I even studied theology and made dramatic progress holistically helping others heal. Yet, the resolution was elusive to my own problems.

I was tired of just knowing more and more. More and more information into my intellect only increased the heat without changing the programming. Then, at one point when I almost gave up in despair, something bounced back inside me and I tried again. There it was - a secret - that showed where the false paths led me.

If you are emotionally hurt, depressed, or abused, knowing is not enough. You can gain more and more knowledge about you and your situation without transforming or healing. That is because, mostly, there is a "split," a lack of integration between the emotions and the intellect as well as in the body and spirit.  There is a maze. And such could lead you to go through life with your eyes covered, seeing nothing.

Let me put it in another way by saying that you cannot mentally figure your way out of an emotional problem - you must feel your way out. You need to go into your deepest feeling levels (and: spirit) to reach resolution of your "unprocessed pain" or unfinished business that's blocking your growth and recovery.

Psychological and emotional freedom is won through pain and feelings of loss. Psychotherapy can soothe the pain around the edges. But until you do enough recovery work and your cup is filled to overflowing, there will always be something missing in your life. None have been won or recovered anywhere and in anytime without effort and action.