No Exit?

Jean Paul Sartre, playwright and author, wrote a famous short play entitled "No Exit." It presents us with three characters, a man and two women. They are locked and confined forever in a room with no doors and no windows. The man is in love with Woman A.  But Woman A is a lesbian in love with Woman B. Woman B is straight and in love with the man. Each of the three characters is in love with someone who does not reciprocate. So literally, based on the play, there is "no exit."

But of course, there is an "exit!" The man could turn to Woman B who loves him or any of them could choose to love the person who loves him or her. You cannot make anyone love you. Even God, who loves ultimately, cannot make anyone love Him. So if anyone rejects Him, God simply says to the person who rejects Him, "Well ok, have it your way." And the result? The person goes to hell. God does not send a person to hell. Rather hell is a place a person chooses and insists on going.

You cannot control others. But you can choose those to whom you direct your love. Yes, there is an "exit."