The Waves of Healing

In healing, growth, and therapeutic intervention, there will often be like regression. A slipping back and forth. Backsliding.

Healing our inner wounds or our past then do not normally occur in linear fashion. It's not a straight line or sequence. Rather, the recovery tends to occur in waves or circular fashion, and even a spiral one.

Part of the reason for this has to do with our being real and honest - who we really are. Healing is truth in the inmost part of our being, from the world of appearances to the world of reality.

So each time we complete and integrate a truth in our story or "episode," we become freer to create a newer, bigger, and more truthful story. This inevitably leads to progressive recovery and growth till we reach a point of stability. And then, the breakthrough.

We help our selves go over the waves by being in it. And begin practicing being real by being our Real Self.