Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse!

I'll bet you, like many of us, procrastinate on certain things. You foolishly wait until you feel in the mood to do something. Since you don't feel like doing it, you automatically postpone or put it off. Am I accurate to presume that?

Take going into recovery, for example. Lots of individuals procrastinate frequently. They believe they need to be motivated or inspired or get in the mood first to get started or maintain momentum in their therapy.

What about you? What in your opinion comes first - motivation or action? If you answer motivation, you've given an expected, logical answer. Unfortunately, you're wrong. Motivation does not come first, action does!

Action first primes the pump. Then, you start becoming better motivated and feeling well. Push yourself to take action even with 1% motivation and 99% urge to avoid the task. When you do that, watch the fluids flow spontaneously as a result!