Healthy People Do Not Make Excuses

Dr. William Glasser, controversial psychiatrist and author of the book "Reality Therapy," once said in a large conference: "Healthy people do not make excuses."

For instance, Dr. Glasser said, there is never a good excuse or alibi for coming late. Let's say you missed an appointment or arrived late for even seemingly valid reasons. Heavy traffic. Last-minute phone conversation. House chores. Woke up late. According to Dr. Glasser, you should have taken all these possibilities into account and provided sufficient time allowance. Here's a challenging statement from Dr. Glasser for the "right excuse":  I'm sorry. I guess I'm incompetent to run my life."

I believe the healing principle behind what Dr Glasser is presenting is for us to take responsibility for the circumstances of our life. When we stop making excuses and start choosing health and life by taking responsibility, we discover we have it in our power to cure ourselves of unhealthy lifelong habits.