The Fountain Pen Cap Story

I heard of an Indian businessman who ordered 10,000 fountain pen caps from a supplier. His supplier was glad to fill his order but asked him, "Well, sir, what do you plan to do with the 10,000 fountain pen caps?"

"Here in New Delhi, India," the businessman explains, "one who has a pen in his shirt pocket is viewed as rich and intelligent. I'll sell only the tops of the pens. It makes no difference if they can write." Within 2 days, all the 10,000 fountain pen caps were sold. And once again, the smart businessman makes a repeat order.

I find this to be a very good story to see ourselves.  If we are honest, we won't miss the insight of the story. Too many of us spend our lives trying to impress people. We fill our pockets with surface stuff that makes us look good, successful, or  sparkling. Yet down below, deep down where it really matters, we find ourselves as empty as the New Delhi fountain pen cap.

That prods me to take an honest look at my own life. I hope it does too in your case.