Are You A Self-Saboteur?

I never missed this one. Each one of us seems to possess this to some degree.

There is sabotage that happens to you from the outside. People or circumstances in life that hurt you. Uncontrollable outside factors.  It's not your fault, of course.

But largely unnoticed, there is also such a thing as "self-sabotage." Here, you get in the way.  It limits your own success. You procrastinate and muddle along.  Something inside you generally screw things up for your self.

 How many of some below (self-saboteur factors) can you honestly admit to?

*  Negative self-talk ("I can't do it!", "I'm not good enough!")
*  Fear of failure, fear of success
*  Making excuses, believing your own excuses
*  Procrastinating
*  Blaming others or circumstances
*  Afraid to make decisions
*  Unwilling to ask for and receive help
*  Isolation, not sharing your feelings and thoughts
*  Putting your own real needs last
*  Confused priorities
*  Fear of what people might think or say
*  Low self esteem
*  Disorganization
*  Avoiding responsibility

The best treatment for self-sabotage is hope, combined with a willingness to heal and do whatever it takes.